We are Bohemia Market

We provide modern solutions for the Power Generation Industry

Integrated services for Cybersecurity, Design of Monitoring Centres and Modernisation of Controls Systems in your Power Station. We can help you with efficient alternatives to obsolescence for your power plant and state-of-the-art data visualisation tools.

We cover the whole spectrum to give You the competitive edge on the grid.

Remote Service

Remote Service. Immediate delivery, immediate support.

Keep your plant running regardless of travel bans.

Bundled service that includes the physical device and remote support with a specialised technician. Say goodbye to call centres or talking to customer service agents. Forget about paying a per-minute rate , we offer a new experience in maintenance services:

  • Real responsiveness, talking directly with a knowledgeable technician
  • Efficient way to log a ticket and keeping all of the stakeholders informed via WhatsApp
  • No waiting for your call to be transferred or downloading any software
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OMLEX - OM650 Life Extension

OMLEX is a set of procedures and components which allows continuous maintenance and life extension of Siemens TXP / SPPA-T2000 HMI (OM650) on an as-needed basis.

Visit www.omlex.eu

BM Historian

Historian is a permanent solution for your long term plant data storage, management, reporting and analysis. It solves a problem with Magneto Optical Disks and stores data on modern VMOD server.

Visit historian.bohemiamarket.com

Pedronel One Photo

One Way Data Transfer. Entirely Secure. Unlimited Tags.

Unbeatable One-Time Fee to Keep You Competitive on the Grid

With PEDRONEL ONE block unauthorised connections and eliminate cyber threats. Your data will travel securely via data diode from the Power Station to any offsite location in the world.

At Bohemia Market we are disrupting the industry with a unique Unlimited Tags Model that gives you all of the process data points you need without restrictions and included in a one-time fee.

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Remote Service

Maintenance Suite

Three levels of service customised to your needs. Fast, Efficient & Easy.

Bohemia Market has a full suite of services to verify the condition of the controls system components in your Power Plant.

Whether you require an engineer on-site or prefer remote services, our model provides you with 3 different levels of service that will give you the flexibility you need.

Level 01 - Preventive Periodic & Pre-scheduled
  • 7 consecutive days of on-site maintenance
Level 02 - Corrective Remote Service
  • Remote support with a specialised technician
Level 03 - Reactive Emergencies
  • Deployment of a specialist to your site within 78hrs
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At Bohemia Market we provide comprehensive engineering services for pioneers around the world. Some of our customers are: Engie (previous GDF Suez), Saudi Electric SEC, DEWA Dubai, Torrent Power, Petro Vietnam, Edra, YTL Malaysia/Singapore, MAPNA Iran and several independent operators around the globe.

We have an ample list of customer references available, contact our Sales team for more information.

Stay competitive on the grid with Bohemia Market

At Bohemia Market we live and work by our mantra: We Dare to Find Modern Solutions where others Don’t Venture. That is why, for the past 2 decades, we have earned the trust of visionaries in the power generation sector worldwide.

Our customers get complimentary access to our extensive Knowledge Database where you can find Articles, How-To Guides, all about TXP and much more. Request your access with our Sales team.

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