New SFC/SEE for YTL PowerSeraya in Singapore: Installation

This is the second video of the series that presents the installation of a new SFC/SEE in Singapore for YTL PowerSeraya who generates around 20% of the island’s electricity supply. 

As a trusted partner of YTL PowerSeraya, Bohemia Market installed the first unit in September 2019 and now we are doing the second unit of the combined cycle plant.

The OEM deemed the installation an impossible task without a full upgrade of the control system from T2000 to T3000, which was not convenient for the customer.

At Bohemia Market, we dare to find solutions where others don't venture so we developed a solution to integrate brand new equipment into the existing T2000 system avoiding a full upgrade.

This series presents how we are doing this installation despite the pandemic. This second episode portrays the “Installation process”. You can watch the first episode, "Dismantling", here.