Corrective Maintenance it’s Easy if you Do it Smartly

May, 2022
With an increasing number of people working remotely, a reliable energy supply has never been more vital. But with pressure on consumption, power plants are under increasing levels of stress to continue working at an optimum level. There is a solution: remote support. Modern technology means that it’s now possible to deliver a wide range of remote services to power plants, including corrective maintenance when required.

The Impact

Remote services allow full engineering solutions to be carried out without the need for any onsite visits. This ensures that even if there are any limitations to access, repairs don’t need to be delayed or impact on the continued delivery of services.
Using a secure connection, a specialist engineer can check, diagnose and repair any faults in the software. Full TXP administration can be offered remotely, from analysing the server and system logs to functional evaluations, clearing errors and checking system load.

Troubleshooting problems remotely enables faults to be identified swiftly, and where possible corrective measures implemented. Where access isn’t readily available, or the plant is a considerable distance, this enables solutions within hours.
Each component can be evaluated and optimised, with any problems within the UNIX or Windows operating systems resolved. In-depth analysis of the history buffer and a report detailing the alarms, warnings and recommended actions can also be produced.

Corrective maintenance is vital for the uninterrupted performance of a power plant. Not only does it clear current faults, but it also prevents bigger problems from developing. This has cost and safety implications, so it should always be considered as essential.

Discovering Innovation

Economic uncertainty has forced companies to innovate, creating new and more efficient maintenance and repair services for power plants. The need to ensure operational efficiency at all times while carrying out corrective maintenance can be a tricky balance to find. Remote services which can be tailored to the specific needs of the power plant provide the solution and enable an uninterrupted service.

The move from traditional energy generation and the reliance on fossil fuels to renewable energy has meant that the industry has already been through a period of transition and innovation. This doesn’t mean that traditional power plants are no longer in use, but that the market needs to provide for all types of energy generation.

Some of the innovative remote services now in place include the shipping of a service box which is effectively a “plug and play”. This allows remote engineers to resolve issues without needing to step foot onto the site.

Change for Success

Remote maintenance ensures that power plants can receive the fastest possible service, with no delays while engineers travel to the site. From keeping costs down to being able to create agile solutions, remote engineering services are the way to change for greater future success.

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