Do you think your Power Plant is protected because you have firewalls? Think again.

Jan, 2021
We live in a world of automation and data exchange. IIoT and Industry 4.0 are hot topics right now, but the most basic affair remains: as more and more things get connected, the risk of a security breach increases.

Talking about operation technology systems (OT), the question is how to secure them against cyber security threats without the need to completely modify them and how to achieve a full understanding between security rules for Information Technology (IT) & for OT. In short, cyber security for OT differs from cyber security for IT.

The greater risk for a non-secure control system is being vulnerable to threats like enabling outsiders to take control over the Power Plant

The role of the OT computer systems is to keep the plant safe, functional, and highly available. Industrial assets have several systems in place with roles that are clearly defined to protect and control processes that gather data for maintenance, billing, and other business-related purposes.

But what happens when a one-fits-all solution is applied for security?

In the same way that IT firewalls are not efficient for OT, when IT Policies are applied to OT systems, we have a recipe for disaster.

Let’s take the example of the IT security rules for setting a password. We are all familiar with the strong password rules: at least 8 characters, both upper and lower case, adding special characters and non-consecutive numbers.

This layer of security might be suitable for preventing unauthorised access to a business system but in the Control Room, things are different.

If the operator is locked out of the control system this could have serious consequences in terms of availability of the Power Plant and safety.
And of course, the last thing you want in a Power Plant is to lose control.

It is essential to have a clear view of the differences between IT and OT security measures to be able to implement rules that work on each environment.

To achieve this, it is imperative to find a partner that has experience with operational technology systems to prevent the erroneous implementation of IT cybersecurity rules into OT systems.

At Bohemia Market, we have over 18 years’ experience working with OT systems. We understand the security requirements for Power Plants and are able to establish the cybersecurity perimeter out of a single box.

Our PEDRONEL ONE is a data diode solution that blocks unauthorised connections and eliminates cyber threats. It enables the data to travel securely from the Power Station to any offsite location in the world, eliminating the risk of hackers taking control of your Power Plant.

It includes a revolutionary Historian that goes beyond data collection, it gets information out of the data and enables you to make critical decisions faster.

The tag searching feature saves you time when viewing your complete plant history and makes reporting a breeze.

We are disrupting the industry with a unique Unlimited Tags Model that gives you all of the process data points you need without restrictions and included in a one-time fee.

One way data transfer. Entirely secure and with unlimited tags to keep you competitive on the grid.

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