Cheat Sheet – The ultimate KPIs you need to track in a Solar Power Plant

Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are essential to understanding how a Solar Power Plant is performing in terms of energy production and profitability.

At Bohemia Market, we have created a cheat sheet that contains the ultimate KPIs that you need to track in a Solar Power Plant.

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed with reports and different metrics, a quick glance to this sheet will help you to stay on track and to focus on the relevant KPIs for your business.

Are you tracking the most important KPI in your Solar Power Plant?
Download our cheat sheet to find out.

Grid Power Icon - Solar KPI MWh Icon - Solar KPI Up-Downtime per inverter Icon - Solar KPI Theoretical Output Icon - Solar KPI Clipping Ratio Icon - Solar KPI Av String Current Icon - Solar KPI

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